Are French Bulldogs Good With Kids?

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French Bulldogs, commonly referred to as Frenchies, are a great dog breed for kids. Their small size, gentle temperament, and big hearts make them lovable and gentle dogs, perfect for families with younger or older children.

Frenchies have an easygoing personality very similar to children, enjoying playtime outside, but also love to curl up on the couch at the end of the day. This makes Frenchies ideal companions for kids of all ages, creating an unforgettable and memorable childhood.

Require Minimal Physical Exercise

Unlike larger breeds, Frenchies typically don’t require a lot of physical exercise to maintain their physique because of their relatively small size. They need a few 15-minute walks each day, and they are easily entertained by chasing toys around the house. This will keep them entertained, happy, and physically fit.

This makes them great dogs to have with kids because children can keep up with this breed’s stamina. As an owner of a Frenchie, you’ll want to be careful not to over-exercise this breed as they are prone to heatstroke and exhaustion. In addition, most Frenchies cannot swim so if you have a backyard with a pool, keep a close eye on your puppy.

Need for Interaction

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French Bulldog owners should keep in mind that Frenchies do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. If you work long hours and have to leave your dog unattended frequently, this can become a problem.

They develop separation anxiety easily and will spend their hours left alone barking and whimpering. Although, if you work from home and have children running around the house, this is the perfect entertainment and distraction for both your kids and your pet.

Stubborn Nature

As with any new dog that you bring into a home with kids, you’ll want to make sure that they are properly trained. This is especially the case with French Bulldogs because they can be persistent and stubborn during the training process.

Even though they are stubborn, French Bulldogs have an incredible respect for their owners and are fairly intelligent, so once you teach your Frenchie to respect your commands, they will have little hesitation in following your lead.

Protective Guardians

Since French Bulldogs are such a loving and loyal breed, they often become protective guardians to their family. This is a particularly common behavior for Frenchies to adopt when they are surrounded by children.

Frenchies view kids as great playmates and feel the need to protect them. This can cause Frenchies to be defensive when your child is playing with other people or around strangers.

While this sort of protectiveness is purely out of love, it should be a habit to be aware of. One way of preventing this behavior is to socialize your French Bulldog puppy at a young age by taking them to the dog park and introducing them to new people regularly. Because they are a loyal breed, if you teach them to trust being around strangers this shouldn’t become a continual behavioral problem.

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Compassionate Attention Seekers

Once properly trained, French Bulldogs are generally well behaved around new people and other animals. They love to be the center of attention and crave endless companionship from wherever they can get it. After being well-socialized, getting along well with strangers is definitely a bonus for people with children.

You typically won’t have to worry about your Frenchie acting out or getting aggressive when your kid has friends over. This is a great characteristic of French Bulldogs and something to consider when purchasing a breed that is going to be around a lot of kids. As mentioned above, it sometimes takes a bit of time to get your Frenchie to this behavioral state, but it is definitely possible.

There’s a reason Frenchies have become such a popular breed. The breed’s sociable and almost humorous mannerisms and temperament will win you over within seconds. Far from overbearing, their gentle, relaxed, and small stature makes them the perfect pet for families with kids. French Bulldogs thrive on human contact, so keeping them around kids will actually improve their happiness and behavior.

French Bulldogs, with their wrinkled-faces and bat ears, were bred to be companion dogs. They crave your affection and attention and won’t stray from returning your love. There’s something truly unique and special about the relationship and bond that Frenchies have with kids. Growing up alongside one another, kids and Frenchies will share a love for one another that is truly unparalleled.


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