Do Maltipoos Shed?

Among designer dog breeds, few hybrids are as beloved as the Maltipoo. A cross-breed between a Maltese and either a miniature or Toy-sized Poodle, he is very well-known for being outgoing, playful, and bright at any age, but particularly in puppyhood. As with many “apartment friendly” dogs, one of the primary concerns of a potential pet parent is more about housekeeping than personality: shedding specifically. Annoying, unsightly, and potentially allergy-triggering, shed fur can be a real problem for some breeds, but happily the Maltipoo isn’t among them. If you have been wondering, “Do maltipoos shed?”, this guide is for you. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this breed’s coat and grooming requirements. 

Are Maltipoos Hypoallergenic and Good For Allergies?

The Poodle breed has experienced enduring popularity in the designer/hybrid world of dog breeding – Cockapoos, Yorkie Poos, and Labradoodles join Maltipoos in shared genetics. While Poodles are healthy, intelligent dogs in their own right, their real crowd-pleasing power is in their curly, fleece-like coat. Poodles tend to be a low-to-no shed breed, and often pass those traits on to their hybrid offspring, as is the case with many Maltipoos. In general, the tighter and curlier a Maltipoo’s coat, the better the chance he’s inherited a good amount of his Poodle ancestry’s allergy-friendly coat genes. These genes cause the hair to curl against the body and resist falling out, while the tightly-locked pattern of fur also holds any fur that does shed in the coat itself, rather than on the carpet or couch.

The result of this interesting expression of genetics is that Maltipoos are more resistant to shedding than dogs without Poodles in their lineage. While this trait will vary in success from puppy to puppy, it’s a great place to start if sneezing and sniffling tend to crop up around canines. The flip side of his fleece-coat tendency is that he will require frequent brushing to remove dead fur: experts recommend at least two or three times weekly. If a pet parent isn’t able to brush him as often as they’d like, professional groomers make an excellent stand-in to help keep shedding controlled.

Do Maltipoos Require Special Grooming?

While some groomers will breed Maltipoos with other Maltipoos for breed consistency, the truth is that hidden genetics can and do appear in hybrid designer dogs. That means even between puppies in the same litter, coat qualities can vary. If a Maltipoo shows more of his Maltese heritage in his coat, his fur may come in long and straight, necessitating grooming assistance. If his coat calls for it, he’ll need to have the hair around his eyes, nose, mouth, and back end trimmed for both aesthetic and hygiene purposes. 

While taking him to the groomers (or attempting a DIY approach) every few weeks may seem like overkill, it’s crucial for his health and well-being. Without dirty fur in his eyes and from his mouth, he’s better able to play, eat, and drink without making a mess. If he seems skittish around manual scissors or won’t sit still on a grooming table, electric clippers can help a grooming appointment move more efficiently.

Preventing Fur Build-Up

Fur shed in his environment (whether it be his own or that of a sibling pet) can end up tangled in his fur just the same. This Velcro-like effect can lead to canine fur mats and painful tangles if left unchecked, which is why investing in a good brush or two is very important. A dog-specific bristle brush will remove larger clumps of hair, and works best when used outside where fur can be tossed away. A rubber or silicone-tipped “nubby” brush can be used both on his fur as well as surfaces such as couches and car upholstery. If his coat is being brushed out, remember to remove accessories like collars and harnesses beforehand to prevent fur build-up underneath.

Although Maltipoos are naturally resistant to shedding, owners can also help the cause with regular grooming and excellent nutrition. A smart diet is the best route to a healthy, shiny, and intact coat, and adding in a few canine nutritional supplements will help him maintain it that way. 

Is A Maltipoo Pup Right For You?

While no dog is completely hypoallergenic, the Maltipoo comes very close, particularly in breed puppies that display strong Poodle traits. Regular bathing, brushing, and haircuts (if necessary) will keep dander and shedding to a minimum, allowing loving pet parents to enjoy the playful nature of their Maltipoo to the fullest. 


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