Do Huskies Shed?

do huskies shed

For many pet-lovers with allergies and for those who simply are not fans of finding pet hair all over the house, the amount a dog sheds can be a deal breaker. If shedding is one of your top concerns, it is important to research the amount specific dog breeds shed as well as dog grooming tips to minimize shedding. If you are interested in getting a Siberian Husky, you may be asking yourself, “Do Huskies shed?”

One quick look at their gorgeous coats will answer that question for you. Yes, Huskies shed, and they are actually notorious for shedding quite a bit. However, this reputation also stems from situations when Huskies are not being brushed as often as they should be. With regular grooming, you can find ways to keep your pup’s shedding under control.

Husky Shedding

Siberian Huskies are known to have moderate to high levels of shedding. They have beautiful, thick coats, which Husky owners regularly find traces of on the couch, carpet, the backseat of the car, and more. Their noticeable shedding is partially attributed to their stark coloring, which is often visible in many home settings.

husky shedding

Husky shedding occurs seasonally before a major change in the weather, typically in the fall and spring. However, not all Huskies are the same and some will only experience this seasonal shedding once a year.

If you live in a warmer climate, you may find that your dog sheds continuously throughout the year due to the heat.

This Husky shedding process is referred to as “blowing” their undercoat. Huskies have a double layered coat, consisting of the visible top coat and a fluffy undercoat.

Their coats serve a dual purpose. The undercoat acts as insulation, keeping them warm in the winter, and the top coat protects from UV rays and heat. The undercoat is what sheds the most, which is what leads to Husky’s reputation for excessive shedding.

A Husky undercoat will shed regularly, so the best way to keep your pups shedding under control is with daily brushing and occasional bathing. Although the undercoat may seem like a nuisance to pet owners, it is also important to remember the Husky’s history.

Siberian Huskies originated as endurance sled dogs for the Chukchi people of northeastern Asia, and their thick coats were essential to keeping them warm and active in such snowy, low temperatures. Given their roots, Husky owners must compensate by taking time each day to brush their pups coats in order to keep shedding to a minimum.

Minimizing Allergies

Many people are concerned about Husky shedding because they have allergies. For those individuals with pet allergies, Huskies may not be the best fit for you. Although there are ways to keep your pet’s dander under control, there are other breeds that shed less and may be a better match for you and your health. Pet allergies occur when an individual with the allergy comes in contact with pet dander.

Dander does not originate from dog hair, but it can attach to a pet’s hair, skin, or saliva. When you then come in contact with one of these sources, your allergies can be sent through the roof. Therefore, if you get a dog that is known for shedding, you might be fighting an uphill battle with your allergies.

However, if you already have a lovable Husky in your life and you also have allergies, there are ways to combat the pesky symptoms. First, have someone who is not allergic to dogs brush your Husky daily. Thorough and regular dog grooming will keep your pup’s coat healthy and clean and will keep hair out of your living spaces.

husky grooming

Additionally, a cleaning routine including vacuuming and dusting will help eliminate any dander and excess hair that does not come out during daily brushing.

Finally, your Husky should not be allowed in the bedroom of the person with the allergies. Huskies are social dogs, so this could be an issue, but it will help combat unwanted allergy symptoms.

If shedding is a top concern of yours, you may want to consider other dog breeds before you bring a Husky home. However, Huskies are extremely friendly, lovable, family dogs, and they can be hard to resist, regardless of the amount they shed.

Huskies typically experience moderate to high amounts of shedding, so be prepared to partake in daily brushing and regular cleaning to keep your house free of dog hair. Once you master your shed-free routine, you can stop worrying and enjoy the many wonderful qualities Huskies have to offer.

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