Grooming is a process which requires hands-on work. While your pet doesn’t need to shower every day, he certainly needs upkeep. By making time for your pet’s grooming on a weekly basis, you’re not only ensuring he’ll be fresh and devoid of odor, you’re ensuring he will be healthy too.

As that’s the thing about grooming, it’s often a word used exclusively to coat-management, when really it entails a lot more than that. Below are some tips for grooming your dog.

How To Groom Your Dog

The coat: Pets need their coats groomed for various reasons: to keep them healthy and fresh, mitigate shedding, prepare for different climates, etc. Coat upkeep is one of the essential parts of owning a pet and it needs to be treated as such.

Hygiene: Pets—like all animals—need to upkeep their hygiene. This could mean various things, but often it boils down to their dental hygiene, bodily hygiene, and paw care. It’s important to make sure your pet is cared for on a routine basis.

Examination: One of the most integral parts of the grooming process is to examine your pet for any health complications. It’s imperative that you examine him every week for anything suspicious.

Most complications that afflict pets need to be caught in their prematurity. In giving your pet these examinations (checking for parasites, infection, inflammation, redness, rashes, etc.), you greatly reduce the risk that he’s going to fall ill in the future.

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