Why Can’t Dogs Eat Grapes?

why can't dogs eat grapes

It is normal for you to feed your dog fresh fruits like strawberries, bananas, and apples without a problem. So why can’t dogs eat grapes? There’s a toxicity in grapes and raisins that when consumed by your dog can lead to fatal kidney failure. It may seem perplexing to think that one of the smallest fruits could have the biggest side effects, but in order to prevent danger for your pet, it’s best to keep grapes out of reach. If your dog has eaten grapes, he may experience a range of side effects, which can include:why can't dogs eat grapes

While all symptoms are serious and require immediate attention, kidney malfunction as a result of eating grapes can be fatal. Since the effects can be severe, prevention is paramount to your dog’s health. Stick with healthy treats that have been approved by your veterinarian. If you want to introduce any new foods into your dog’s diet, research the food’s effect on dogs and ask your veterinarian’s opinion if you still feel unsure.

Also, monitor your pet’s behavior after feeding him any new foods. There are certain foods not fit for any dog, but certain foods may cause an allergic reaction specifically in your pup. Typically, any negative side effects will occur right away, so keep on eye out for any severe reactions.

Will Vomiting Help If My Dog Has Eaten Grapes?

Dogs can be quick when it comes to food. If there are grapes within reach, he may eat some before you have a chance to stop it from happening. Depending on your dog’s size, he may voluntarily vomit if he’s already eaten several of them. This is the body’s way of rejecting the toxins. Regardless of he’s consumed one or many, a call to your emergency veterinarian will help guide you toward next steps.

The veterinarian may advise you to induce vomiting yourself, if this hasn’t happened yet. Determine whether your dog is interested in eating. Offer him some food, which may help with the vomiting. For dogs who don’t have an appetite, small amounts of hydrogen peroxide may do the trick. Speak with your veterinarian first about specific amounts and time intervals before trying this method. Too much can cause extra harm to your dog.

Finally, your veterinarian may find the best solution is to bring your dog in for immediate care. If you are fortunate to have an emergency veterinarian close by, take your pet in for care by professionals. Keep your pet as calm and comfortable as possible en route and be ready to give the doctor the details of anything you may have tried as treatment.

It’s no fun when you feel your dog is are in pain or hurting, but the sooner you can seek help for your pet, the better the outcome most likely will be.

Snacks Safe for Petswhy can't dogs eat grapes

There are certain foods that you may never have considered as harmful to pets. Grapes were probably one of them. Avocados, garlic, onions, and potatoes are also foods your dog should avoid for various reasons. Check the ingredient list of all pet foods and snacks (that aren’t whole foods) to make sure nothing is added that could cause a painful reaction.

Even if dogs can’t eat grapes, it doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other treats for them to try. Hemp-based snacks have become more commonly available for pets and are recommended by veterinarians because of their nutritional benefits. These types of snacks are all-natural and typically, more easily digestible for your dog. Just like humans, dogs can have their own food sensitivities and favor certain foods over others. Once you know what your dog does and doesn’t like and can and can’t have, let others know as well.

A regular diet will help you maintain your dog’s health and make it easier for those who care for him to follow your routine. List any allergies or foods that are off limits when you leave your dog in the care of others and make sure his medical records are updated when you go in for his regular checkups. Preventative care is often the best plan of attack to have for your pet to keep him as healthy as possible.


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