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Canna-Pet® was recently featured on ABC10 News in Sacramento

Bianca Graulau, ABC10 News

Hemp is becoming an increasingly popular remedy for pets. More owners are giving their cats and dogs medication derived from the plant to treat pain and anxiety.Donna Butler uses it for her dog Miles, who is paralyzed from the waist down. He lost mobility in his back legs after being diagnosed with the equivalent of ALS or Lou Gerig’s disease in humans.

“He was starting to get real anxious,” Donna Butler, Miles’ owner said. “He was starting to react to loud noise in a way that he never had.”

Butler asked her veterinarian for something that would calm Miles anxiety. Her doctor, Angie Stamm, went with hemp medication as a natural remedy.

“He’s just much more content,” Butler said. “He’s just much more stable.”

Dr. Stamm also prescribes Canna-Pet to dogs and cats with cancer pains. She says it has changed her practice, providing an alternative to drugs with harmful side effects.

“We’re using even less sedation drugs, anti-anxiety medications, and sometimes fewer pain medications as well,” Dr. Stamm said.

But she warns it’s not marijuana. Canna-Pet has the compounds of hemp but not THC, meaning it will help heal your pet without making him or her high.

“It just has the ingredient that has the anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-anxiety effects without the drug side effects of being high or having the THC on board,” Dr. Stamm said.

Suzanne Wright says it has worked miracles on her 11-year-old dog, whom she used to have to carry everywhere.

“He came back from four legs out, can’t walk, can’t move, can’t function, cry and whine, to who he is now,” Wright said.

First Aired – December 23, 2015


Many thanks to Miles, Donna, Suzanne, and Dr. Stamm (of Meridian Veterinary Care) for speaking so kindly about Canna-Pet®.

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