Can Dogs Eat Peaches?

can dogs eat peaches

The sweet, juicy texture of peaches are calling your name because, well, let’s be real, is there anything much better to our human taste buds than a ripe peach?

But, as you take a bite and feel like a gleeful child on a summer day in Georgia…a little whimper meets your ear. You look down. Your dog is wagging his tail, hoping to get a piece of whatever is making YOU so happy.

You want to take a moment, here and now, to make sure it is okay for your dog to eat peaches.

Can Dogs Eat Peaches?

Most likely yes – to a certain extent. Some parts are okay. Avoid others at all costs.

But, don’t worry, we’re about to go into all the details about how to be as safe as possible when feeding your dog a peach.

As always, we do advise you to consult with your trusted veterinary professional first, to make sure that this fruit is okay for your given dog’s breed and personal medical and health history.

Okay, that being said, let’s march onward with information about dogs eating peaches!

So, Can My Dog Eat Peaches…Even as a Carnivore?

Yes, as dogs are carnivores, they do not necessarily need fruit the way other animals do, but a little bit typically will not be harmful.

In fact, peaches do have a variety of health benefits that are good for a lot of dogs. For example, peaches:

  • Are a source of Vitamin A
  • Contain fiber
  • Are bursting with Vitamin C
  • Have Magnesium & Potassium

This combination of nutrients can provide a variety of positive effects. For example, they can help prevent skin issues, remove toxins and even boost a doggy’s immune system.

There is one part they cannot eat.

What to Make Sure Your Dog Does NOT Eat

The pit.

Avoid that pit at all costs.

The pit can be highly dangerous. It can be quite literally poisoning. Why? It has a compound called amygdalin, which, when ingested, breaks down into hydrogen cyanide. Yes, cyanide.

The Steps to Assess & Take if Your Dog Eats the Pit(s)

If your dog was around a peach and then you notice them acting funny, such as:

  • A lot of drooling
  • Dilated pupils
  • They appear dizzy
  • Breathing appears difficult

Take action. Typically, a dog would need to eat multiple of these but it depends on the dog and his size or susceptibility to the cyanide that is in peach pits.

The symptoms above can be from cyanide poisoning that can result in canine seizures or even lead to a coma. Call your trusted veterinary professional and take action immediately.

So, after that important-to-know but a bit scary visual, let’s go into the right and safe ways to serve peaches to dogs.

How to Serve Peaches to Dogs

It’s recommended to eat in small pieces that are cut up. This makes it easier on their digestion and, very importantly, ensures avoiding that dangerous Pit.

Before serving, do make sure to wash the peach really thoroughly.

In these modern times, most peaches are going to have been in contact with pesticides or other treatments. This can be highly harmful to dogs, but to humans, too. So, for your sake, as well, please wash that peach!

Fresh Peaches vs. Canned Peaches

Just as with humans, there is always that debate between fresh, frozen and canned.

For dogs, it’s usually felt best to NOT give them preserved peaches or canned peaches.

Why? These have a very high amount of additives and sugars, which are not so nice to your dog’s belly or his teeth – as these can lead to tooth decay. Often, such preserved fruits also have artificial sweeteners, which can result in stomach problems.

Wondering About Dog Food in General?

Hopefully, you now have more clarification on if dogs can eat peaches.

For further questions on what your dog can and cannot eat, always consult with your trusted veterinarian.


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