Depression in Dogs: Is Your Dog Feeling Blue?

Dogs have their good days and their bad days, just like with humans. If it seems like your dog is having more bad days than good – there may be a deeper issue at hand. Dogs can experience a change in their mood just like humans do, but they can also suffer from an ongoing…

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Puppy Aggression: How to Cope

No other animal on this planet has the same spunk and exuberance that a puppy does. Their curiosity for discovering new things is what fuels their wild behavior. However, with this high-energy and rambunctious attitude comes a long list of unfavorable behaviors. There comes a point where all new puppy owners question whether their dog’s…

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Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Horses

Horses are naturally herd animals and while an equine friendship can seem super sweet, your horse may become agitated when he is apart from his buddies. This is a classic case of separation anxiety. And while fairly common amongst equines, it can pose serious problems for both owners and riders when it does occur. What…

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I have a chihuahua mix rescue that suffers from huge anxiety. I am the only person she trusts and she was afraid of other dogs. My veterinarian put her on Canna-pet and the results were amazing. She became much calmer and happier. She hangs out with me and my roommates in the living room now…

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I’ve been using Canna-Pet since 10/2016. When I first I adopted Charlie from a rescue, I had no idea just the level of anxiety and fear he would have when we brought him home. He couldn’t even go outside and relax enough to go potty! Our vet recommended considering CBD treats as she has had…

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Do Dogs Grieve When Another Dog Dies?

While it isn’t totally known if dogs can feel and understand grief, there are several moments that would make you think that they do. One particular moment that stands out is the dog that wouldn’t leave the side of his Navy SEAL owner’s casket while it was draped in the American flag. There have been…

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Is Your Dog Anxious Around Other Dogs?

Picture this: You’re walking your dog around the neighborhood, enjoying this bit of calm on a beautiful day. Suddenly, you see it: another dog coming your way, ears perked up out of curiosity and excitement. In any normal situation, you’d be pleased to introduce your dog to this potential new friend. But your dog is…

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Tips for Creating a Happy Multi-Pet Household

Over 60% of pet households include both cats and dogs, and while it’s no secret that cats and dogs can have a difficult relationship, that doesn’t have to be the case. It seems like every cat and dog interaction is a lost cause for some households. Whether a cat is secretly plotting against a dog or a dog…

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How to Socialize a Dog and Cat

Dogs versus cats—an age-old feud that people are all too familiar with. From classic cartoons to the common question: “are you a dog or a cat person?” there seems to be a misconception that dogs and cats cannot exist in the same a happy household. But what if you do not want to be exclusively…

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Canna-Pet has greatly improved life for my beloved dog Willie. Willie suffered horrible abuse as a puppy, resulting in the removal of 1 eye, blindness, hearing impairment and seizures. Willie uses a combination of Canna-Pet pills, oil and biscuits to manage his symptoms and improve his quality of life. He is a happy little guy…

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