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What Is Your Dog’s Behavior Telling You? [QUIZ]

Dogs communicate through their actions and behaviors. Acting out or behaving differently is their way of relaying messages to their owner about how they are feeling. Sometimes the signs are not obvious and can be difficult to spot. However, recognizing changes in your pup’s behavior is important, as he may be trying to convey hidden…

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My dog, Fimm, and her brother making heart bums whenever we babysit! Fimm (on the right) suffers from generalized anxiety. Canna-pet is the first thing that has truly helped her! We get a maple bacon biscuit everyday, and the Max CBD Drops for extra nerve-racking occasions. She starts licking the air as soon as she…

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Irwin had 11 grand mal seizures on Thursday to give you an idea of how severe his seizures are. We received our Canna-Pet package on Saturday and that evening gave him his first dose and treats. He was so relaxed he did not have to be crated inside our home. Normally he is very anxious…

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Common Cat Phobias & How to Manage Them

Fear is an instinctual feeling in humans and cats alike. While they might not be scared of the same things that humans are (getting fired, losing a loved one, clowns), they have their own unique fears and anxieties. Every cat will behave differently when faced with a fear, and it’s important for pet owners to…

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Common Behavioral Problems in Older Dogs

Just like with humans, the older a dog gets, the more their overall health starts to deteriorate. While age comes with less energy and shakier joints, it also comes with deteriorating sensory and cognitive functioning. Sometimes this decline in mental and physical capabilities can cause older dogs to act out or misbehave. However, being aware…

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Customer Success Story: Ashley & Sookie

Anxiety and depression are all-too-common ailments amongst humans today. Modern society is fast-paced and can be hard to keep up with. Some people turn to medication and therapy to cope with these painful thoughts and feelings. However, as these conditions continue to manifest themselves in society, more and more individuals are turning to a different…

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My foster border collie has a lot of anxiety which caused her to exhibit some aggressive behavior with my other dogs. The vet put her on an anti-anxiety drug, Clomicalm. We were unaware that it could upset her stomach. It caused her to get really sick. The vet took her off of the medication for…

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Cat Anxiety: A Comprehensive Guide

There’s a reason why cats continue to be one of the most beloved types of pets: they’re intelligent, friendly, and smart. And just like humans, they have their own personalities and quirks. Some of these quirks include fears and anxious behavior, which can manifest themselves in a variety of different ways. It’s important to understand…

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Bruce has always been a high strung pug, especially with fireworks and loud storms, so on the recommendation of a colleague, I tried Canna Pet and it worked wonders. Later on, Bruce herniated a disc and would have a type of spasm in his rear end as well as inflammation in his spinal canal where…

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