Most Popular Dog Names

One of the hardest choices every dog owner will make is choosing a name for their new companion. Even Shakespeare, the greatest wordsmith of the English language, struggled with names as he famously said: “what’s in a name?” The answer is everything.

Names aren’t just a label, they are a reflection of personality. Especially when naming a dog, choosing the correct name is a daunting task. This is a name you will want to say countless of times. Every good dog name needs to be as cute as it is serious. You need a name you can say in a sweet baby-talk voice and a name that commands some respect at the dog park. So how do you choose a name? That part is up to you, but hopefully, this list of the most popular dog names can help. This list covers both popular dog names for males and females, so you should have no problems in finding the perfect one.

Luna – This name is one of the top contenders for female dogs. An apparent reference to the moon, this name is both regal and delicate. The name, like the moon itself, is warm and inviting, a guiding light and a classic symbol of love. Luna is a top choice for dog lovers who are also a bit romantic.

Max – This name has all the elements. It’s short, easy to say, and frankly, it just sounds like a dog’s name. Perhaps it’s the collective social consciousness that points us to Max as the perfect name for a male dog. Max was the dog in the Grinch, the name of Prince Eric’s dog in the Little Mermaid, and even the name of Goofy’s son in A Goofy Movie. When it comes to male dogs, we are conditioned to love the name, Max.

Coco – The first unisex name on our list is a popular choice among lab owners. The Chocolate Lab is especially prone to receiving the title of “Coco,” though perhaps “Cacao” might be more appropriate. Whatever the reason behind the name, Coco is a classic dog name that is great for boys, girls, and dogs of all breeds and sizes. Coco has the added benefit of being short and distinct, making it easy for dogs to understand! 

Bear – While this may be another predominantly male name, the name “Bear” for a dog is as hilarious as it is fitting. People love comparing their dogs to other animals, and what better four-legged comparison than the king of the forest? Bear is best suited for dogs that are big and fluffy like an Aussie Shepherd, or a St. Bernard. However, this name works equally well when applied ironically. In this world, there may be nothing cuter than a pug named Bear.

Daisy – This classic name for a girl dog is exceptionally versatile. Any dog can be a daisy! The best part about this name is the limitless possibilities of how your dog can make it her own. The name Daisy allows your dog to explore her inner sweetheart. Perhaps Daisy is a bit quirky, or maybe she is rough around the edges with a heart of gold. Whatever your dog’s personality, Daisy is a name that is bonafide adorable.

Buddy – How could you not love the name, Buddy? For those of you who are old enough, this name immediately brings to mind the loveable Golden Retriever from the movie “Air Bud.” What is a dog if not man’s best friend? This name fully encompasses the hope of what you want your dog to be, you’re little buddy. For the dog owner who will take their canine companion everywhere, the name Buddy has to be at the top of your name list!

Teddy – Similar to the name Bear, Teddy carries with it a certain positive stigma. This name is popular among smaller dogs as it tends to be short for the nickname “Teddy-Bear.” Here’s a fun idea…if you have two dogs you could name one Teddy and one Bear! This would be especially fun if you called the smaller of the two Bear and the bigger dog Teddy. 

Here are some other top dog names for your consideration:

Charlie (boy or girl)

Duke (boy)

Lola (girl)

Molly (girl)

Ziggy (boy or girl)

Choosing the right name for your new dog can be tough, but it’s an exercise worth your effort and time. Your dog’s name is vital to how their personality will be perceived. A great name will have a lasting impact on your relationship and your memories. When naming your dog, it is important to remember that above all else, it should be a name you love saying. Remember, it never hurts to ask your dog’s opinion. If you say a name and then see those ears perk up, you know you’ve got a winner!

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