What Are the Most Independent Dog Breeds?

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Are you searching for a companion that will be there for you when it matters most but can also handle not having your constant attention and affection? If you work most of the day and need a dog that can handle being home alone, rest assured knowing that there are plenty independent dog breeds out there that will fit your lifestyle. See below to find the most independent dog breeds!

Basset Hound

With a keen sense of smell and goofy personality, this dog brings more to the table than just being independent. The Basset Hound is a low energy dog that is perfect for someone who lives in an apartment and has to be at work 8 hours out of the day.

While you are at work, this dog will probably just spend most of the day sleeping. No need to worry about them destroying the house while you are away. When you return home from work your Basset Hound will even give you some proper cuddle time – perfect for relaxing at the end of a hard day’s work.


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This tiny independent dog breed has no problem being away from its human companion all day. Weighing in at an average of about 4.5 pounds you might not even notice their presence at all! Not requiring much exercise, Chihuahuas are perfect for someone who has a busy schedule.


Popular for its athletic ability, you may be surprised that this is an independent dog breed that can be left at home for long periods of time. They are not destructive in nature when left alone. Long walks on the beach are not required for Greyhounds as they are bred for sprinting and not long distance running.

They can reach speeds up to 45 miles per hour. When you get home, make sure to let your dog out for a good run in a fenced off or safe environment. Beyond that no issue should be had leaving this one alone while you conquer the world.


Although your company is more than welcome, this breed will not forfeit your security deposit or destroy that nice new throw rug you just bought when unattended. Sleeping will likely be his main activity while you are away. The Maltese makes a great companion and even makes for an excellent therapy dog. Grooming may be a concern, but as long as you have time to brush them on a regular basis no issue should be had.

Chinese Shar Pei

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This wrinkly and interesting companion was originally bred to be a guard dog. This may be an off-putting trait for an independent dog at first, but no worries are to be had. The destructive nature of some working dogs is not found in this breed.

You may find barking at strangers a common occurrence but leaving this otherwise low-energy dog to their own devices will prove to be stress free. Although independent, the Chinese Shar Pei is extremely devoted to its owner and is an excellent companion.


Because they are descendants of the Greyhound, it should come as no surprise that Whippets are also highly independent dogs. While they enjoy resting the majority of the day, they do require daily exercise so make sure to let them run around for a bit in a safe fenced-in area.

Because they are so independent, Whippets are likely to run off and not come back if let loose in an open area. You will likely find them sleeping cuddled up on your favorite spot on the couch when you get home. This breed is perfect for someone who can’t be around all the time.

By this time, you have surely found yourself a perfect companion that is conducive to your busy lifestyle. Although you may not be able to be there all the time, these breeds will have no problem waiting for you until you can return home.

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