A Guide To Great Dane Feeding Needs

great dane feeding

The Great Dane is both a massive and majestic dog breed. With a loving demeanor, loyal heart, and calming presence, it’s no wonder why these pups are among America’s most favorite giant dog breeds today.

If you are about to own a Great Dane yourself, makes sure you research everything you need to know before bringing your furry companion home.

feeding a great dane puppy

One of the most crucial factors to research before your pups homecoming is his necessary feeding requirements, especially for feeding a Great Dane puppy.

Unlike most breeds, the Great Dane has very specific feeding requirements that cannot be overlooked.

Below is a brief guide to Great Dane feeding requirements and information on Great Dane puppy food recommendations.

Great Dane Feeding Requirements

Because the Great Dane grows faster than most breeds, their diet has to be changed and modified during each stage of their life.

For example, a Great Dane puppy should never consume normal dog food because it contains too much protein and fat for their growing muscles and bones. If they are given food that their body cannot handle, the Great Dane will be at risk for developing skeletal and muscle issues later on in life.

Great Danes also have a longer puppy stage compared to other breeds. In fact, these dogs continue growing even after their first birthday. For this reason, they need specific feeding requirements at each stage. Therefore, the diet you feed your Great Dane pup can have a detrimental affect on his overall health and well-being.  

An average Great Dane weighs around 120 pounds which would make many believe they require a tremendous amount of food. Even though they are one of the largest dog breeds on Earth, they actually require fewer calories than one might think.

The Great Dane uses less energy per pound compared to smaller breeds and should be fed accordingly to their specific size. Every Great Dane is unique and requires a different amount of food depending on several physical factors. These factors include their size, weight, metabolism rate, gender, and age.

Here are generalized recommendations for each Great Dane age group:

Three to six months:

  • females: 3 to 6 cups
  • males: 4 to 8 cups

Eight months to one year:

  • females: 5 to 8 cups
  • males: 6 to 10 cups


  • females: 8 cups
  • males: 9 to 15 cups


  • females: 6 to 8 cups
  • males: 8 to 10 cups

Instead of giving your Great Dane all of his food at once, make sure to split up his daily portion into 2 to 3 equal meals. This will prevent him from overeating or eating too quickly which can cause a series of other issues.

Requirements for Feeding a Great Dane Puppy

As previously stated, it is critical that you feed a Great Dane puppy a proper diet to prevent any bone or joint issues from developing as he ages. These puppies should consume food that contains between 12 to 20 percent fat and 25 percent protein for optimal health.

great dane puppy food recommendations

This requirement will ensure that your dog is not consuming an unhealthy amount of protein or any other component that can affect his growth rate.

Large breed puppy formula also helps to promote a slower growth which will allow the Great Dane’s bones and muscles to develop at a regular speed.

How to Buy Proper Food for Your Great Dane

To make sure the food you are buying your dog is healthy and nutritious, talk to your vet for specific recommendations on brands and portions.

In general, always look for products that contain all-natural ingredients. If the label says “meat” instead of a specific protein like chicken or beef, then you probably should continue looking for a different product. It is also a good idea to try to stay clear of products that contain corn, fillers, by-products, and preservatives as the main ingredients. When reading the label for your dog food, look for ingredients that are healthy and natural, just like you would for yourself.

If you have decided to become a parent to a Great Dane, make sure you know everything you need to know to make your pup as healthy and happy as can be. With the proper nutrition and daily canine exercise, you and your Great Dane companion will be able to live a long and happy life together for years to come.  



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