Can Cats Be Allergic to Dogs?

Can a Cat Be Allergic to Dogs?

Yes, to a certain degree, your cat may have allergies caused by a dog(s). However, although it may be your dog’s presence that can stir up allergies in a cat, it is usually not the dog themselves. It is something they may be carrying or picking up.

Why Would a Cat Be Allergic to a Dog?

There are multiple reasons that a dog may cause a cat to experience allergies. A common issue that happens is that a dog is carrying an allergy, perhaps pollen that worked its way into their snuggly fur, and is now stirring up symptoms in your cat.

The specific reason is that cats usually are allergic in four main areas, one of them being airborne allergies. If a dog romps around outside or at the local park, especially in certain seasons, they can easily be gathering plenty of tree pollen or grass pollen that then comes into the home or into contact with your feline – affecting their own health.

As with any potential issues your pet may be experiencing, it is important to consult with your trusted veterinary professional. There can be a number of reasons your cat could have symptoms, such as a cat skin rash, general skin irritation, sneezing or cat coughing, and it is important to ensure the diagnosis and root problem is correct.

How Do I Know if My Cat is Allergic to My Dog?

The first step is to look out for symptoms. If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely because you have already seen signs in your cat that could indicate allergies. The main ways in which a cat will appear to have allergies is they:

  • Are having watery eyes
  • Doing a lot of scratching
  • Have cat skin rash
  • Appear to have swelling or inflammation
  • Coughing or sneezing

When it comes to pollen-based allergy, which would be an airborne-derived allergy, the most common symptom for cats is that they will experience itching skin and irritation. The most visible way you can see this is that they scratch themselves often and look generally uncomfortable. With how much they are scratching themselves, the skin can be more irritated to touch, even loving and gentle petting from their human can make them shy away.

How to Help Prevent a Cat Experiencing Dog-Rooted Allergies

The #1 way to help a cat experience fewer allergies from a dog is to address the root itself – your dog’s fur and hygiene. The best method for keeping your dog’s fur more free from allergens is to consistently brush and bathe your dog. Brushing your pup, the sooner they come in from outside especially, will help to prevent the build-up of those pollen molecules that can affect your sweet kitty.

In addition to regular grooming of your pet themselves, another way to further limit dander in the home is to regular sweep and/or vacuum. Some sources recommend vacuuming or removing hair this way at least once a week.

How to Treat a Cat Already Experiencing Allergies

If your cat is already experiencing allergies caused by your dog’s build-up of pollen or another airborne allergy, they may need or find relief from medicine provided by your vet professional. It is important to get your trusted professional’s diagnosis because there could be multiple explanations for any itching or other symptoms that your feline is experiencing. For example, it is possible for your cat to have lice (on their own and contracted from a dog) or another means, such as a parasite.

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, it will be time to take action. Your vet may recommend a medicine such as cortisol or another type of cream that helps your cat find relief. Although cats are known to shy away from (or run away from!) water, certain solutions such as those that use oats may be so soothing to your cat’s skin that they actually stay in the solution to feel relief.

Concerned About Other Potential Allergies?

If you have always wondered, “can cats be allergic to dogs?”, then reading this blog may have you moving to grab your phone and dial your vet ASAP – feeling like this may be your exact situation.

However, perhaps these symptoms don’t seem quite right. Maybe you are seeing different signs or, in general, feel that your cat may have other root issues at play. If you feel it may be another type, make sure to explore the options – such as reviewing and understanding food allergies in cats.


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