Pharaoh Hound Breed Guide

Breed Group:
Hound Dogs

Middle Age: 5 years

Geriatric Age: 10 years

Life Span: 10 to 14 years

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Pharaoh Hound Background Information & History

The Pharaoh Hound is an ancient breed that has a long history dating back to over 5,000 years. In fact, ancient Egyptian cave drawings from 4000 B.C. show a dog that has all the same defining characteristics as the Pharaoh Hound. These dogs originally came from Egypt and stayed there for thousands of years while serving as trusted companions for kings and nobility.

Later on, the Pharaoh Hound was taken to Malta, where they soon became the official breed for the entire island. While on the island, the Pharaoh Hound worked as an excellent rabbit hunter and was even nicknamed “dog of the rabbit”. It would take until the 1900’s for this breed to be brought to England and the United States. It took until 1984 for the Pharaoh Hound to be officially recognized by the AKC.

Pharaoh Hound Temperament & Personality

Although these dogs are very loving, they can also be quite sensitive, which is something owners should be aware of. That means they can develop anxiety or depression from stressful situations within the home. Make sure your Pharaoh Hound stays away from any events that may bring on any mental stress.

Aside from that, these dogs are intelligent and spunky. Even though they can be independent at times, they usually are quick learners and take commands easily. At the end of the day, keep in mind that the Pharaoh Hound is very affectionate, and thrives on human companionship.  

Pharaoh Hound Training Tips

Even though the Pharaoh Hound can have a mind of their own at times, that doesn’t mean they are a difficult breed to train. These dogs would rather please their owners than disobey them and are also quite intelligent. With a little practice and consistent canine training, you will have a well-trained pup in no time at all.

If you are still struggling to train your Pharaoh Hound, try enrolling him in a puppy training course. These classes will help to socialize your dog as well as teach him how to be a well-mannered household pet. Aside from these classes, make sure to socialize your pup with different people, places, sounds, and experiences as much as possible.

Pharaoh Hound Exercise Needs

These spunky pups can be very active. Whether it’s lure coursing, agility training, or just a 30-minute jog around the block, the Pharaoh Hound needs some type of exercise to keep them both mentally and physically healthy. If a walk around the neighborhood is the chosen workout, then make sure to keep them on a leash at all times. The Pharaoh Hound’s high prey drive will have them chasing anything that catches their eye, especially when given the opportunity to do so.

Pharaoh Hound Lifespan

On average, the Pharaoh Hound lives to be about 11 to 14 years old.

Pharaoh Hound Breed Popularity

Because of their late introduction to western countries, the Pharaoh Hound is not a well-known breed within the United States. As of right now, these dogs are ranked as the 168th most popular breed in the U.S. by the American Kennel Club.

Pharaoh Hound Feeding Requirements

The Pharaoh Hound should consume between 1.5 to 2 cups of high-quality food a day, split into two equal meals. Keep in mind that this amount may vary depending on the dog’s size, age, weight, metabolism, and activity level. Also be sure to have a clean bowl of fresh water easily accessible at all times.

Pharaoh Hound Grooming

The thin coat of the Pharaoh Hound comes in a variety of different tan colors and is fairly easy to maintain. For optimal health, brush the coat at least once a week to rid any loose or dead hairs. These dogs do not need frequent baths unless they have gotten themselves into a dirty mess or sticky situation.

Aside from regular dog coat grooming, make sure to check your dog’s ears, eyes, and nose for infection and brush his teeth weekly. Lastly, be sure to trim his nails every couple of weeks to avoid overgrowth or cracking.

Are Pharaoh Hound’s Good With Kids?

As said before, the Pharaoh Hound is very affectionate, which makes them very compatible for children. However, just like with any breed it’s important to have a parent supervise any interactions between a dog and child. Make sure both parties understand how to treat and care for one another in order to develop a strong and safe relationship.

Pharaoh Hound Health Problems

Although the Pharaoh Hound is a healthy breed, that does not exclude them from all health complications. Some possible canine health problems that can inflict your Pharaoh Hound includes the following:

Anesthesia Sensitivity: Some breeds have been shown to have a heightened sensitivity towards anesthesia and other medications. This condition can be life-threatening if not taken into consideration before surgery or other procedures.

Cataracts: Cataracts in dogs are a common eye condition that affects many breeds. This occurs when the lens of the eye becomes opaque or foggy, which restricts light from entering the eye and causes gradual blindness. In severe cases, corrective surgery may be recommended.

Allergies: Dogs can suffer from a number of different allergies. The three main types of allergies in dogs include allergies based on food, environmental factors, or inhalant allergies. This health problem can be easily cured once it has been properly diagnosed and the type of allergy is known.

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