Your Senior Dog Resource Center

Have you noticed that your dog is going gray (or white) around the nose and eyes? That they’re a little slower than they used to be? They’ve officially entered their senior years and Canna-Pet is here to help you and your dog during this transitional time!

All About Senior Dogs

It seems like just yesterday that your furry friend was able to sprint up the stairs in seconds and dive into the pool without giving it a second thought. But now, they take their time or may even have trouble walking upstairs and can’t seem to muster up the energy to swim or run around like they used to.

Aging happens to everyone, including our canine companions. And while there are some benefits that come with having an older, wiser, more well-behaved dog, there are some special precautions and lifestyle changes you have to make as a fur parent. Use the resources on this page to help care for your senior dog and help them feel like they aren’t a day over two!

Common Health Concerns:





Doberman Pinscher


Our Jake is almost 13 years old. He is a Doberman and their normal life expectancy is 10-12 years. Jake has arthritis and is very weak in his hind end. He often falls over so he doesn’t move much. Mostly sleeps.

After giving him a few days worth of the Canna treats I noticed he seemed to be around more. After just 3 boxes he is up and running, begging at the table like the old Jake we knew and loved. He seems much happier and he will continue getting these treats for as long as he is with us.


German Shorthair Lab Mix


This is Jett out 12-year-old German short hair lab mix out boating with the family this summer. A year ago in July he had a malignant anal gland tumor that was removed but his lab work results revealed he has lymphoma. The vet told us he probably wouldn’t make it until October.

We were devastated and chose not to do the chemo route, it was then I began scouring the net for other solutions and I came across Canna-pet. He has been taking them for a year now and his vet is amazed. He said “Jett doesn’t know he’s sick yet so let’s just not tell him and keep doing what your doing” he hasn’t lost any weight, he doesn’t appear to be in any pain and still plays fetch.

Anyone that meets him thinks he’s a healthy happy dog and when we tell them he has lymphoma they don’t believe it. We love Canna pet and plan to keep using it for hopefully another year. Thank you for giving him another year and hopefully more.


Jack Russell Terrier


Our 18 year old Jack Russell, Lucy struggled with constant tremors and seizures. Since she began daily does of Canna-pet, our sweet girl is living a life free of these struggles. I can’t thank you enough for putting the skip back in her step and the joy back in our days!

What Exercise Form Is Best For Your Senior Dog?

Just because your dog can’t go for hour-long runs or steep hikes like they used to doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dedicate a portion of your day each day to exercising with them!

But what exercises will provide your senior dog with the physical and mental stimulation they need to remain in tip-top shape? Take this short quiz to find out!


10 Alarming Symptoms in Senior Dogs That You Should Never Ignore

What You Get:

  • Insight into what symptoms are normal for an aging dog versus those that may require a trip to the vet
  • Telltale signs and symptoms cancer, glaucoma, diabetes, and other diseases in senior dogs that should always be on your radar
  • Tips for how to help your dog feel their best during their senior years