Your Senior Cat Resource Center

Is your cat showing signs of old age? Make sure that you (and your cat) are prepared for this time in their life with these helpful resources from Canna-Pet®!

All About Senior Cats


It seems like one day your cat is jumping up on counters and windowsills, the next they don’t want to do much but lounge around. They have officially entered their senior years.

So what does this mean for you as a pet owner? Well, you may not be spending nights tossing and turning due to their constant scratching on their cat tree (which is a big benefit), but you may be spending a bit more time and money at the vet office. Discover helpful resources to help your cat enter their senior years gracefully here!

Common Health Concerns:




Santo Tomas


Canna-Pet is great for palliative care and for treating nausea in elder-cats that are gradually dying from cancer, yet still have quality of life and clearly want to live.

Canna-Pet was the only thing that worked and gave Santo Tomas great rest and a good appetite, very large doses were a great blessing for him; gave him wonderful relief until the time came for him to be free of his body. Forever grateful to Canna-Pet! <3.



Here’s Penelope. She’s about 12 years old living in southern New Mexico. She started having some kind of undiagnosed short fits about a year ago. We tried melatonin, valerian, Bach Flower Remedy, Canna-Pet works the best! We saw an improvement with a day.



Jebulon is an old man (18) but still has a lot of spunk. Canna-pet has helped immensely with Jeb’s arthritis and occasional stomach inflammation, allowing him to keep enjoying playing and eating in his twilight years.

How Much Do You Know About Aging Cats? Test Your Senior Cat IQ

Do you think you’re a cat expert!? How about a senior cat expert? Test your knowledge on senior cats with this short quiz!

By the end, you’ll find out where you score on the Senior Cat IQ scale!


7-Step DIY Senior Cat Health Check

What You Get:

  • A 7-step health checklist that you can perform on your senior cat in under 7 minutes to ensure there are no serious health problems afoot
  • Tips on how to monitor your cat’s weight, eyesight, diet, and mobility
  • Insight into health problems that are common in older cats and how to recognize the symptoms of each