Welcome to the Future of Hemp hemp for Pets!

Canna-Pet® Started It All

In 2013 Canna-Pet® began educating veterinarians, pet product manufacturers, and retailers by distributing samples and proprietary information to showcase and explain the amazing potential of hemp hemp products for pets. This information was disseminated to communities that had no experience with the endocannabinoid system or knowledge of hemp extracts or cannabinoids aside from the concept of cannabis as “marijuana.”

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Suffice to say, we blew their minds!  We provided the first and only hemp hemp products that were safe, legal, and produced specifically for animals – which people could now use without fear of toxicity or using a “controlled substance” because they came from industrial hemp rather than marijuana.

The formulas used in our actual commercial products are proprietary, because we have invested heavily in their researchdevelopment and refinement.

Whether dog, cat – or any other pet – there is a Canna-Pet® hemp hemp product for your pet.

Milligrams of hemp is not the same thing as Canna-Pet® Cannabinoid Nutrition.

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Canna-Pet® is the only cannabinoid nutrition company in the world that:

  • offers veterinarian recommend products covered by major pet insurers;
  • guarantees our industrial hemp extracts are safe for your pet;
  • uses exclusively organic, European hemp;
  • provides precisely formulated ratios of numerous cannabinoids;
  • uses a gentle, proprietary refinement process in our laboratories;
  • delivers a cGMP product with unique abundance and variety of phytochemicals;
  • delivers 10-15X the bioavailability of other hemp products;
  • provides a money back satisfaction guarantee.