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back leg, mobility issues Newfoundland

We have tried other CBD products to see if we could give some of our local growers some support, but get no effect. CannaPet is the only produce we have tried that gives us amazing results.

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Tumors Boston Terrier

She had radiation and is dealing with some post radiation issues but other than that she is happy and healthy….and walks 3 miles a day! I have used Canna pet the whole time… it must be helping!!

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Arrhythmia, Dilated Cardiomyopathy Great Dane

She gets Canna Pet CBD oil three times daily and has for quite some time. She has been diagnosed for 29 months and is still going strong. I do believe the CBD oil has been part of her success story.

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barking, excessive barking Labrador Retriever

Now that Pearl is on your biscuits, she no longer barks constantly for no reason!!! Wish I would have discovered your products years before. Customer for life!!!

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This company has done their research and made it easy to give to you pet with beneficial outcomes.

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Allergies, Arthritis

For the past few years she is only on the CBD oil. She enjoys going out for walks and playing. She is a totally different dog!

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mobility issues, Pain

My boy Chad is 9 years old and was diagnosed with multiple damaged cervical discs. After we started giving him the Canna Pet CBD oil we immediately saw a much better version of him.

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The diagnosis was: Epilepsy idiopathic and should to be medicated to avoid seizures. We immediately bought the Cana-pet but without much expectation, Estrella’s currents were so strong that the patics and her head became super hot with each attack. Three weeks passed and the seizures dropped from 22 a month to only 4.

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Aggression (Cat)

She was difficult to handle, very aggressive and pouncing / biting. Canna-Pet was recommended by my vet and it has worked wonders!

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She has some arthritis in her front legs. I tried the Max-CBD treats a couple of months ago and found that she gradually quit favoring her front leg.

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Arthritis, Lymphoma

I started him on CBD immediately. It has not cured the cancer (the lymph nodes are much larger) but I truly believe it is responsible for slowing the progression way down. As an added benefit, I believe it helps with his senior boy arthritis.

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Until we started the Canna-pet, she was having seizures 6-7 times a month, in clusters. Now they come once every month or two!

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Arthritis Labrador Retriever

Bella is my 9 year old yellow lab that suffered from severe arthritis in her rear knee. After introducing her to your biscuits, she was almost back to her old self in about 6 months with improvement shown almost immediately!

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mobility issues, Thunderstorm Anxiety

He has benefitted from the Canna-Pet Advanced Large Breed capsules that he has been taking for the last several months. As an added benefit, the product seems to have calmed his anxiety – particularly during storms.

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Mast Cell Tumors

Cannapet and a grain free non-GMO diet work together and have completely slowed down the cancer and the Cannapet helps her arteritis too!

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Showing 169 – 192 of 1184 Testimonials