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Allergies, Lethargy, Tumors, Weakness Labrador Retriever

My dog Ollie, a 9 year old Lab got really sick and remained so for 6 months in 2018. Canna-pet seemed to be a leader in this treatment and we ordered Canna-Pet Advanced. His tumors went down and his rash went away and now, mid 2019 he is back to walking 2 miles every morning, sometimes he seems like a puppy again.

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My 12 year old dog, BamBam starting having seizures after receiving allergy shots. A friend shared her Canna-Pet MaxCBD Liquid with me and the seizures stopped immediately. 2 weeks now seizure free!

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Anxiety, Bone Pain, Senior/Geriatric

Since starting Farva on Canna-Pet, we’ve really noticed some positive changes. Mainly, after waking up or running around, he doesn’t limp around quite as much as he used to before we started him on the capsules.

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Joint & Mobility Issues Pug

My Gizmo will be 15 years in just a few weeks on July 13th. In the last few years Giz’s back legs have been giving him a hard time. Gizmo has been on Canna-pet since late November and I’ve noticed a huge difference with his mobility.

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Anxiety, fear of fireworks German Shepherd Dog

Louie has SEVERE ANXIETY when it comes to fireworks. I did my research on CBD oils and found Canna-Pet. I bought the Advanced 60 day pills and the Max Cbd treats which have given Louie to opportunity to take the edge off. He is himself but he manages to find the time to lay down and just relax.

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Aries Jade

Joint & Mobility Issues Rottweiler

She started having issues with getting around and going up and down the steps. Someone recommended I try the Canna pet treats. We’ve been using the treats for about 3 months and she is doing so much better. She has a rough day every now and again but overall she is doing 90% better.

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Arthritis, Joint & Mobility Issues

Our rescue pup Koa is 15 years young. We noticed him slowing down alot with arthritis setting in to his back legs. On the referral of our Vet, we started Koa on the Canna Pet Large Dog Capsules twice a day. We’ve seen a drastic improvement in his mobility!

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Anxiety, Cognitive Decline, mobility issues

Canna-Pet has helped her so much. She has better mobility, less anxiety and back pain, and her canine cognitive dysfunction has improved.

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Seizures, Thunderstorm Anxiety Pomeranian

Parker is our 14 year old Pomeranian and a few years ago started having seizures. A friend recommended your product(s) and after doing some research I decided to give it a try. I have noticed a reduction in the seizures and it has helped calm him during storms.

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Epilepsy Labrador Retriever, Mixed

Our lab mix Luna was diagnosed with severe epilepsy when she was one. After searching for alternatives we tried adding Canna-Pet to her meds. She’s been taking it for a years and only has a few seizures a month. She is now 6 and has a great quality of life.

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Anxiety Jack Russell Terrier, Beagle, Mixed

Cody is a beagle Jack Russell mix he is 18 years old for the last year he’s been having the CBD max strength dog biscuits maple flavor it has made a huge difference in his anxiety level and being able to sleep through the night.

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I just wanted to say Jax LOVES the Canna-Pet biscuits and they help him so much with anxiety. So glad we found you Canna-Pet!

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Wobbler's Syndrome Great Dane

My Great Dane was diagnosed with Wobbler’s Syndrome a few months ago. He is in less pain and is a lot more playful! We have been using CBD oil instead of steroids and NSAIDs!!

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Anxiety, mobility issues Australian Shepherd

I can’t believe the difference this has made in Gracies life! She’s a 10 year old Aussie. Her barking has decreased by 75% and she’s not as sore or stiff, Canna-Pet has changed her life!

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Travel Anxiety

The Canna-Pet biscuits are perfect for her! We got Macy as a rescue, and she has always been nervous for car rides. I was nervous about the hour-long drive with her, but after giving her two biscuits before the ride, she was great! She was calm and did not get sick, like she normally would.

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Arrhythmia, Breathing Difficulties Basset Hound

Snoopy was diagnosed with an arrhythmia and decreased respiratory functioning 2 years ago. She lost her sisters in 2018 and both of us got very depressed. I increased her CBD dosage to 3 times per day. And I got 2 adult bassets from a good friend and then a basset puppy. We are all very happy and the house is howling again.

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Anxiety, Travel Anxiety Border Terrier

This is my 15 year old Border Terrier, Leo. We do lots of RV traveling. Riding in the car presents no problem for Leo. But Leo does not like to ride in the RV. He gets very anxious and nervous. Not since I got Canna-Pet for him.

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Katie wasn’t a happy dog with arthritis in her hips and legs. After a herbal remedy no longer worked, her holistic vet advised Canna-Pet capsules. Within hours, she seemed better…calmer & less anxious.

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Seizures Shetland Sheepdog

My sheltie Luke has been having seizures since 2011. We first thought it was a fluke, and hoped it would be the last. From 2011-2017 Luke would have seizures infrequently, but no more infrequent than 3 months apart, and at its worst, no longer than 6 weeks apart. Fast forward to today, Luke has been seizure-free since June 2017 and is down to three pills per day, along with two of your CBD biscuits.

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Showing 145 – 168 of 1038 Testimonials