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Anxiety, fear of fireworks, Thunderstorm Anxiety

I get pretty nervous at loud noises, strong winds, fireworks, thunder, etc. My mom gave me one of these yummy cookies and boy did they help ease my anxiety!

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ACL, Joint & Mobility Issues Labrador Retriever

Two years ago he had surgery to repair a torn ACL, and I sought out a daily treat that could help his mobility. He’s been taking various flavors of Canna-biscuits daily and I’ve seen a huge improvement in his mobility and his attitude 🙂

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Arthritis, Limping, Pain German Shepherd Dog

After visiting our veterinarian, it appears he has arthritis in his knee and in pain. We began giving him canna pet after referral from a friend and after a short time he has shown noticeable improvement with less pain and very minimal limping.

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Skin Issues Dachshund

Our dachshund Skipper has skin irritations and we treat it with your Cbd for small dogs and made him comfortable and he is now free of his skin sores.

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Aggression (Cat), Anxiety

We have been using the Canna-Pet Advanced small capsules for four months to help alleviate Dexter’s symptoms of anxiety and aggression towards his two feline siblings. We have noticed a dramatic improvement in Dexter’s behavior and in his relationships with the other cats in the house, so we keep buying more Canna-Pet.

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Mast Cell Tumors Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Mixed

I have been ordering and using canna-pet advanced large CBD supplements for a year now. We were told this time last year that Bonham (9 year old staffi/cross) and a rescue, had MCT’s and 2 months to live. Bonham has been taking this for a year now and still with us.

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Anxiety, Hyperactive

This is my baby girl Rici ( sounds like Reese). She is pretty hyper and has anxiety. I friend told me about your product and within days the difference in her behavior was amazing!

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Claire & Lucy

Anxiety, Arthritis, Fear, Seizures, Separation Anxiety

With one of my dogs being a rescue, all these new things left them anxious, scared, and very clingy. My rescue also developed some pretty severe arthritis in her back legs, knees, and hips from being in a kennel the 1st few years of her life as a puppy mill dog. Fast forward 2 years and I am So glad I made that leap! It has not only helped the two I have currently, but it ended up saving and adding on another 1.5 years to my 14 year olds life!

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Cushing's Disease Beagle

During this time period, I had started her on these treats and was very skeptical. I saw improvement immediately but I thought it might have just been a coincidence. On the day of her Cushing’s test, she had to fast. With no cbd treats, her shaking came back immediately.

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ACL Cockapoo

Our 14 year old Cockapoo has a torn ACL. Within a week of using the oil, he was walking without a limp

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Aggression, Separation Anxiety

In our new place, he was whining incessantly while I was at work so I found Canna-Pet and ordered some max treats for him. He immediately calmed down and stopped crying for me when I was gone. He also has stopped being aggressive towards strangers and other dogs.

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Arthritis Siberian Husky, Mixed

Ellie is a 14 year old Shep/Husky mix. She has arthritis and it is often difficult for her to climb our stairs. Canna-Pet has helped her to be more active and she’s able to climb stairs with my assistance. Sometimes by herself.

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P.S. the biscuits help me sleep at night instead of barking at the raccoons. They help my family sleep too.

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Anxiety, Arthritis Chow Chow

Chow Chow Rescue Society of Florida (from who we adopted him) uses CannaPet with all of their rescues and recommended it for Caesar’s arthritis and general well-being, as his breed often tends to exhibit some signs of anxiety. Caesar’s arthritis in his front right shoulder is significantly improved after starting CannaPet pad and when he injured his rear left leg while playing outside one time I doubled up on his dose and he was like a new dog!

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Seizures Boston Terrier

Since I began use her seizures have not totally subsided but we’ve gone from a seizure once every 2 weeks to once every 8 weeks, and the seizures are much less violent. We use the CBD max oil in the bottle, very pleased.

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Showing 145 – 168 of 1211 Testimonials