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Seizures Pomeranian

The vet suggested Canna-Pet. Within one week of starting on Canna-Pet small dog capsules, her seizures had dropped to almost nothing.

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Canna-Pet has made a huge difference with her anxieties and quality of life. She is much more happy-go-lucky and is also eating a lot better.

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Cancer Rottweiler

My family & I are so grateful to them for having developed a product, that has given him more time with us. Thank you again.

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Seizures Chihuahua

Canna-Pet has helped our little guy so much and we are so thankful to have found such an amazing product to for our little guy! Thank you Canna-Pet!

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Cancer Brittany

Since starting the Canna-Pet, Reese’s cough has not completely gone away; however, it actually is less frequent and less intense (coughs approximately three times per day).

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