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Teddy Bear


He has advanced arthritis in his hips evidenced by x ray. He was started on Canna-pet about 18 months ago and responded very well.

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Arthritis, Itching Weimaraner

I have noticed an incredible difference in his mobility and also less itching from allergies. Great product and I would recommend it!

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tooth and gum problems

She has gum issues and tartar formation on her teeth which has given her a painful time. I have been using Canna pet for around 4months now.

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mobility issues Labrador Retriever

We have been using Canna pet for our older lab Bella. It’s helped her to stay mobile. And when we travel it helps her to stay calmer.

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mobility issues

After giving her the biscuits, I saw an immediate difference in the way she moved.

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Cancer American Pit Bull Terrier

2 months ago my best buddy, Dude, was diagnosed with a nasal cancer. After researching the best CBDs to add to his treatment we found Canna Pet. We immediately noticed a change in his energy level and mood after the first dose.

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Arthritis Beagle

He is about 13 and has had arthritis. When I ordered the canna pet pills, he showed more strength, happiness and energy.

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Peripheral Neuropathy

Mabel, our senior (17 years old) dog, had been experiencing vertigo and developed neuropathy in her back legs. Canna-pet was recommended by our vet and it has made a world of difference for her.

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I have a 10 year old fur baby with arthritis. I started giving her your CBD and within 2 weeks she was playing like a puppy again.

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Our 9yr old, Remington was diagnosed with Valley Fever about 5yrs ago, and since putting him on the Canna Pet, he is back to his old self.

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Anxiety, Joint & Mobility Issues, Thunderstorm Anxiety

As he has aged, he has begun to slow down and limit the activities he used to enjoy. In addition to these concerns, Jeager has always been extremely anxious. I started him on the Large Dog capsules twice daily. He has been getting this supplement for several months now, and he has started to show increased energy, interest, and play.

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Cancer, mobility issues

I decided to try the cannapet for my dogs stiffness, doctors wanted him on another medication with common side effects I was Leary. So I ordered and he actually rests nicely.

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Allergies, Arthritis, Senior/Geriatric

We wanted to avoid prescription pain meds if possible, and so tried out the Max CBD Treats from Canna-Pet. The difference was incredible. It brought our Frankie back. He can now run, swim and fetch like a young pup without limping later.

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Anxiety, Thunderstorm Anxiety

Blue’s adrenal glands do not work so he has nothing to suppress his anxiety. So thunderstorms can be very frightening for him as many other things but he’s a trooper and canna pet CBD capsules work well for him to calm him.

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I tried canna-pet and within 2 days he was running like a puppy. I tried stopping the canna-pet and he again exhibited signs of pain. He’s been back on ever since and he seriously runs and plays like a puppy. I am so grateful for canna-pet!

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Anxiety Pug

I started giving him Canna-Pet and he is so much more relaxed. I am so glad I am able to give him something natural to help with his anxiety without changing his personality!

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Showing 217 – 240 of 1184 Testimonials