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mobility issues, Pain American Pit Bull Terrier

She not longer acts like she hurts or is stiff when getting up and still has the energy of a pup at almost 12! She takes the CBD everyday and will continue to do so as the benefit and results are absolutely amazing

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Pain Chihuahua

I came across CANNA-PET. ROMEO actually runs now, and for the first time in 2 year’s he can walk and run on all 4 at the same time.

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Teddy Bear


He has advanced arthritis in his hips evidenced by x ray. He was started on Canna-pet about 18 months ago and responded very well.

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Arthritis, Itching Weimaraner

I have noticed an incredible difference in his mobility and also less itching from allergies. Great product and I would recommend it!

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Arthritis Beagle

He is about 13 and has had arthritis. When I ordered the canna pet pills, he showed more strength, happiness and energy.

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I have a 10 year old fur baby with arthritis. I started giving her your CBD and within 2 weeks she was playing like a puppy again.

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Allergies, Arthritis, Senior/Geriatric

We wanted to avoid prescription pain meds if possible, and so tried out the Max CBD Treats from Canna-Pet. The difference was incredible. It brought our Frankie back. He can now run, swim and fetch like a young pup without limping later.

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I tried canna-pet and within 2 days he was running like a puppy. I tried stopping the canna-pet and he again exhibited signs of pain. He’s been back on ever since and he seriously runs and plays like a puppy. I am so grateful for canna-pet!

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Anxiety, Pain

My little dog Sugar benefited greatly from Canna pet. It helped him to be more calm, comfortable with much less pain. I thankyou so much for this wonderful product!!!

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Arthritis Bichon Frise

I ordered the 3 pack of biscuits. I noticed a difference in him that same week. It has warmed my heart to see Bailey take long walks again and just be a happier dog.

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Bone Pain, Limping Miniature Pinscher

When she was about a year old she started limping and we took her into the vet. It turned out she was born with a bone disease that was moving through her hip at a very fast rate. A family member gave us a few of your biscuits and it was like magic. I order a 3 pack of biscuits immediately and work like a lucky charm.

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Cat Arthritis, Lethargy

My 18 yr. old kitty’s health had started to decline a year ago. She was lethargic, had no appetite (she used to run for her dinner). After 1 month of Canna Pet she was running to dinner again. LOVE this product!

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Levi and Felix

Anxiety, Heart Defects, Pain, Shoulder Dysplasia

They are brothers who both suffer from shoulder dysphasia. The little one Felix also has from a heart defect. Since starting Cann-Pet they can now play all day and no more limping or anti inflammatory medications. Levi also has severe anxiety. He will spin in circles, cry, bark and nervously pee uncontrollably without his Canna-Pet.

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Arthritis, Horse Colic, Laminitis

Paisley is draft mule who was rescued from a kill pen in January. She is 30. We started using Canna-Pet max oil to help her pain and she has improved greatly, plus no damage to her stomach lining.

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Hip Dysplasia, mobility issues, Pain Weimaraner

I have extra time with my 11yr old Weimaraner thanks to canna-pet due to hip displasia, severe pain with temporary demobilization when I started hemp therapy. Within 30 minutes Graydee was up and mobile and improving to my extreme relief.

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My dog Lucy, really enjoys the biscuits. They help to ease her arthritis pain and I am so grateful!

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Cat Arthritis, Kidney Failure

Our old cat, Zeus, has chronic kidney failure. He was losing his appetite, getting dehydrated, not sleeping well and vomiting more. After we began giving him a divided dose of Canna-Pet capsules (1/2 in wet food in the morning and again at night) all of that changed.

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Anxiety, Bone Pain, Senior/Geriatric

Since starting Farva on Canna-Pet, we’ve really noticed some positive changes. Mainly, after waking up or running around, he doesn’t limp around quite as much as he used to before we started him on the capsules.

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