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Vinnie & Jozie

Arthritis Pug

I have had them both on Canna-Pet products now for over 3 years. Both pugs were diagnosed with arthritis. Their mobility and walking improved after starting them on these products.

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mobility issues, Pain Golden Retriever

Our 13 year old golden retriever, Windy has been declining fast these past few months with her mobility and pain. Our hospice veterinarian recommend the Canna-Pet products and literally within a day she was full of more energy and eating better and playing with our 5 year old cat again.

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Arthritis, Cancer Rottweiler, Mixed

I started to give Annie CBD oil in addition to her meds. Annie is still with us, and she is happy and has quality of life. Her motricity is worse due to the arthritis, but she is not in pain, has good appetite and looks happy. By the way, the last time she got a chest X-ray, the tumor didn’t show any substantial change in size in compared to the size it had at diagnosis time.

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Rusty & Rhya

mobility issues, Pain American Pit Bull Terrier, Mixed, Mastiff, Bulldog

My kind neighbor saw me walking my Pit Bull mix a few years ago and noticed his awkward walking. Talkies to them a little bit and long story short they gave me a bottle of the MAX CBD capsules they had. A Blessing, you could see improvement in his walking and energy just after a few days.

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mobility issues, Pain, weak and wobbly hind German Shepherd Dog

I started getting these treats for my 12 year old German Shepard that is losing her back end very quickly. After just the second feeding of treats i could already see a difference in her movement and the way she walked. She does not fall as much as she was and seems to not be as wobbly.

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Arthritis, Limping, Pain German Shepherd Dog

After visiting our veterinarian, it appears he has arthritis in his knee and in pain. We began giving him canna pet after referral from a friend and after a short time he has shown noticeable improvement with less pain and very minimal limping.

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Claire & Lucy

Anxiety, Arthritis, Fear, Seizures, Separation Anxiety

With one of my dogs being a rescue, all these new things left them anxious, scared, and very clingy. My rescue also developed some pretty severe arthritis in her back legs, knees, and hips from being in a kennel the 1st few years of her life as a puppy mill dog. Fast forward 2 years and I am So glad I made that leap! It has not only helped the two I have currently, but it ended up saving and adding on another 1.5 years to my 14 year olds life!

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Arthritis Siberian Husky, Mixed

Ellie is a 14 year old Shep/Husky mix. She has arthritis and it is often difficult for her to climb our stairs. Canna-Pet has helped her to be more active and she’s able to climb stairs with my assistance. Sometimes by herself.

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Anxiety, Arthritis Chow Chow

Chow Chow Rescue Society of Florida (from who we adopted him) uses CannaPet with all of their rescues and recommended it for Caesar’s arthritis and general well-being, as his breed often tends to exhibit some signs of anxiety. Caesar’s arthritis in his front right shoulder is significantly improved after starting CannaPet pad and when he injured his rear left leg while playing outside one time I doubled up on his dose and he was like a new dog!

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Anxiety, Pain

Canna-Pet has helped her enormously with both pain and anxiety. Thankful for Canna-Pet’s support for her well-being on every level.

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Arthritis, Hypothyroidism, Pain Rottweiler

Canna-Pet’s products have made a huge difference for Max. We started with the biscuits, then moved to the capsules and oil. My dealings with this company have been nothing short of amazing. We truly appreciate everything this company offers, both in product and in customer service.

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Allergies, Arthritis

For the past few years she is only on the CBD oil. She enjoys going out for walks and playing. She is a totally different dog!

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mobility issues, Pain

My boy Chad is 9 years old and was diagnosed with multiple damaged cervical discs. After we started giving him the Canna Pet CBD oil we immediately saw a much better version of him.

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She has some arthritis in her front legs. I tried the Max-CBD treats a couple of months ago and found that she gradually quit favoring her front leg.

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Showing 1 – 24 of 454 Testimonials