Teddy's Breeds:

I took Teddy to the vet because he couldn’t use his back legs so we took him in right away.. the vet said that I should put him down and I got the call when I was at work. Believe me I was hysterical I thought the next day was the day that I had to put him Down. My best friend..my companion..i just couldn’t see myself doing it so I thought I’m going to get another opinion. I took him to another local vet and she said no we don’t need to put him Down. We will put him on a steroid to relieve pressure and pain meds but he had to be caged for 6-8 weeks. So I did that..then I got him a wheelchair once that period was over. But then I heard of canna pet and orders the pills to put in his food. When I got them I automatically started him on it..in literally just 1 week he started to walk again. I love this product and it will be a forever product that I will give to my love and he improves everyday