Health Issues:

This is little tank. We adopted tank a year ago from the Humane Society in Tempe Arizona. What started out as an innocent adoption turned into a bit of a bumpy road when we found out tank was diagnosed with epilepsy, and had a lot of anxiety and anger issues around other dogs. My sister was the one who told us about Cannapets and I ordered immediately. Along with an epilepsy medication, tank gets Cannapet two times a day, once in the morning and once at night. He is a new dog! The Cannapet biscuits have minimized his seizures, and his aggression. What started out as a dog who couldn’t be left alone with our other pup, now happily lays along side him and even antagonizes him when he wants to play. Tanks brother Lou is a huge fan of the biscuits as well, and makes sure he never gets left out at treat time. We are lifelong customers of Cannapets!