This is Sebastian. He is the love of my life and with all of his issues he had been having a very bad day for quite some time. He’s been on insulin since I adopted him 4 years ago and then a year after I adopted him, in 2015, he developed a terrible case of stomatitis and had to have all of his teeth removed. That alone didn’t help and the dental specialist decided that he had cancer and about 3 months to live. That was in March of 2015 and Sebastian is still here. He has had to take a lot of steroids to keep the inflammation down which have taken their toll on him. Anyway at 17 he has his issues and is not the happiest kitty in town. His mouth has been acting up and there are only so many steroids I can give him. He has neuropathy from the diabetes so his back legs have been wobbly and I know that he’s uncomfortable. He’d been getting very agitated at the two other cats in the house who are 5 years old and he just seemed very unhappy. This was all very recent. Then I saw a friend of mine talking about Canna-pet on Facebook and after asking a few questions of her I jumped on it. I asked my vet and he said it couldn’t hurt also.

After 3 days of giving Sebastian Canna-pet I started seeing a BIG difference in my cat! I’m not going to say he’s all better but he FEELS a lot better. He is purring almost all the time. He has become his old social self. He comes to say hi to me while I’m working and watching TV which he hadn’t done in quite some time. Things are really not bothering him very much, he is not getting annoyed at the other cats (not too much anyway), his appetite has improved and he’s just generally a happier cat! I really was skeptical about this but not anymore. Sebastian was pretty much agitated all of the time and I was questioning if I was caring for my boy properly. I didn’t know if I was being selfish or if he was even happy.

I KNOW he is happy now and that means the world to me. I am so grateful for this awesome product. Thank you!!