Health Issues:
Sam's Breeds:

While driving to work 13 1/2 years ago, I noticed a very pregnant German Shepherd standing at the end of a dirt lane. When I stopped, she turned and walked into the lane. I followed and saw an old shack. It was obvious that this shack was a drug style party place. I noticed an old 5 lb. bag of dog food that had been split opened and the contents had apparently been thrown onto the bare ground. I assumed this was whomever’s version of “feeding the dog”. I began to take fresh dog food and water to this very shy Momma. About 2 weeks later when I went to feed her, it was obvious she had had the puppies, which she located up under the shack in a mud nest. I continued to feed her and also, eventually provided softened puppy food and water for the 4 puppies. About 6 weeks later, a chunky filthy puppy toddled out from under the shack and came to me. I picked him up and he put his head under my chin and gave the biggest puppy sigh I had ever heard. I knew right then and there, he was destined to be my Best Friend, so I named him Samwise Gangee, or Sam. I went back the next day and gathered the, now remaining two puppies, unfortunately one had been taken by a predator. I found homes for those two pups and called a person I knew that could capture and rehome the extremely shy Momma.
I trained Sam as a Certified Therapy Dog. We were attached at the hip. Sam was my Best Friend, My Confidante, My Protector, and although he was a therapy dog for many other people, he was also My Therapy. Even the worst day was made better by Sam’s beautiful smile. My 12 lb lb filthy dark brown chunk of pup, turned into a 100 lb extraordinary Family Member and we remained heart to heart for 13 years until on Jan. 3, 2018, he passed. It is still hard to talk about him without tears, both sad tears and happy memory tears, falling. Sometimes you think you rescue a dog and it turns out you get rescued by the dog. God put everything that is wonderful into a dog, which is why he turned his name around and called him Dog. Only a Dog can give the Goodness and Love that God wishes Humans could. I was so fortunate that Sam chose me, I can only hope that everyone could be chosen by the pure love of an extraordinary dog like Sam.
I also wanted to say Thank you for Canna-Pet. You gave me 7 months more of pain free time with Sam. Time I would not have had without your product.