Sadie & Alex

Health Issues:
Sadie & Alex's Breeds:

We wanted to share Sadie (15yo-ish labX) & Alex’s (13.5yo silky terror) success using canna-pet. They both started taking your biscuits about 2 months ago. Sadie’s prescription pain meds had started losing effectiveness, and the vet wasn’t comfortable increasing her dose because of potential side effects. Alex had started to get regular muscle spasms in his back, but he has digestive issues and the NSAIDs make it worse. We tried the CBD biscuits, and they’ve worked wonderfully. Sadie still takes her daily pain meds, but she was able to stick with a lower dose. An added benefit for her is a decrease in anxiety and startle response to sudden or loud noises (she has doggie ptsd). Alex is able to skip daily pain meds all together. Both of them are back to running and jumping with greater ease with just one daily dose of CBD (after taking it twice daily for the first 2 weeks). A 3-pack of cookies lasts us a month, and the drops are used if they need a little extra calming or pain relief during the day.
I’m attaching a picture of our monsters, totally candid. Alex is totally glued to Sadie at all times… Sadie isn’t always sure she wants her pesky little brother quite that close all the time, but she tolerates him really well, especially when she’s not in as much pain.

Thanks for letting us share their story!