Health Issues:

When I researched the benefits of cannabis for senior dogs, I instantly knew it was something I wanted to try for P. She has the sweetest disposition and is overall a happy girl, but she’s aging pretty quickly. She had her eyes removed when she was rescued due to severe infection. She also has mammary tumors and a potential brain tumor. Being 15 years old, going under the knife or even just general anesthesia for testing would more than likely kill her. I decided rather than risking ending her life before her time, I would give Canna-Pet a try. She has been on Canna-Pet pills 2x’s a day for about 10 months now. The difference is so amazing. She is already a happy girl, but the pills keep her “pep in her step”. I have seen a much needed increase in her appetite. Her dementia is lessened, and her pain is significantly decreased. Canna-Pet has made her feel like a 10 year old again! 😉 I’ve told so many of my friends about our experience with Canna-Pet, and I’ll keep sharing Pepper’s story and your product for all the days to come. Thank you!