Odin's Breeds:

My seven-year-old American Pitbull Terrier was diagnosed with double hip dysplasia over a year ago. After taking traditional pain medication (Rimadyl) prescribed by the vet for over a year and not yet able to afford surgery I began looking for safer alternatives. I tried several different cannabis options with varying levels of success before finding Canna-Pet. Within hours of taking the Advanced Formula in pill form our guy was clearly feeling better. When my husband got home from work, the first thing he said was: “What happened to O? Why is he so lively?”. It has now been about a month since he first started taking the pills and he has only continued to get better. I would LOVE to believe that his hips are actually healing as opposed to only helping with the pain but regardless, Odin is walking with less difficulty and is clearly in much less pain overall. I am INCREDIBLY grateful as I was at my wit’s end with knowing what to do for our precious guy. He will eventually get surgery but for right now, Canna-Pet has been a godsend! Thank you so much, Canna-Pet!!!  P.S. We found he only needs half the dose – one pill a day as opposed to the two suggested. He is 85 lbs and got nauseous on the full dosage. Suggestion: always give on a full stomach.