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Odie (beagle mix) Campbell Hall, New York 10916

My beagle mix Odie, is almost 13 years old and after developing diabetes last May, he soon after went blind with cataracts. Last september, he developed Glaucoma, which is very painful for dogs. The veterinary opthomologist prescribed two different eyedrops which I had to dispense 8 times a day. He told me this would get him out of crisis but unless he had surgery within a month, he would have to be put down because the drops wouldnt work long term. i started researching CBD for dogs and Canna pet seemed to have very good ratings and reviews. i decided to give it a try. His eye pressures were 35 and 30 at the time, which is extremely high. I started giving him the canna pet advancedMax twice a day a few weeks after his diagnosis. Since then, his eye pressure has been 8 and 6, and I only use the drops twice a day. This is after I was told he wouldn’t last a month without having his eyes removed! It has been 10 months and he has maintained normal eye pressure the entire time. To me, it is a miracle! My vet was very impressed with his eye health as well as his general well being. I thank God I found Canna-Pet, I believe that it is as vital to his health as his insulin is!

Thank you,

Deborah Perez