Health Issues:
Nama's Breeds:

Nama is a spunky but chill lab mix who enjoys most any food, chasing squirrels and outside cats, running through the park, lounging around and howling (we think she’s part husky). In March 2017, she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and all of our lives changed. She had amputation surgery and is now a tripawd. She also had a few rounds of chemo before her cancer spread to her lungs. Somewhere In the middle, we started her on Canna Pet, in hopes of providing any relief possible from cancer or treatment side effects and to help her feel the best she could. It came as a recommendation from a trusted vet friend who practices at a nearby holistic veterinary. Shortly after we started Canna Pet, we noticed more energy and it seemed to improve her comfort. We know it won’t cure her, but anything that improves her condition and helps her live happily for as long as possible is worth it!