Health Issues:

Miracle was rescued US when she was about 10 weeks old & in bad health. The vet couldn’t assure us that she’d survive! When she DID survive, we named her Miracle. This angel is now 13 y/o & has always suffered w/ hip AND back problems :(:( Long story short, she began hurting about 6 months ago, worse than she ever had hurt before! After 3 vets agreeing on how to treat her pain, I was getting desperate feeling, as their pain killing solutions were simply not enough.  The look of desperation in my baby’s eyes was breaking my heart! I just HAPPENED to read on a website about your pain reliever in LIQUID form so I ordered it & got next day delivery. It’s NOW been approximately a month, maybe less, & she’s a different dog. I’ve actually SEEN her playing ball, BY HERSELF!!!!  When I see her getting that ball up in the air with her NOSE, I thanked God for your company! She ALSO retrieves the ball when I throw it,& she actually gallops BACK to me!! I’m not sure what decision would’ve been made regarding her life cause the ONLY look I saw in her eyes was of pain & one of “asking for help to survive this pain”, and I had NO help to give to her!! And the rest is history, as you entered our lives….everything has changed! I can’t thank you enough….I only wish I’d have known of you 25 yrs ago!!