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While I’ve got you here, listen to this. My sheltie Luke has been having seizures since 2011. We first thought it was a fluke, and hoped it would be the last. We quickly found out this would be a part of his life forever. From 2011-2017 Luke would have seizures infrequently, but no more infrequent than 3 months apart, and at its worst, no longer than 6 weeks apart. He was a very healthy dog otherwise, at the start he was 6 years old and was ranked one of the best agility dogs in the area. We changed his diet, and routines and nothing seemed to help. His episodes became worse and worse, eventually being on 9 pills per day, and still having seizures. He was maxed out on his dosages and we were literally at a standstill. Fast forward to today, Luke has been seizure-free since June 2017 and is down to three pills per day, along with two of your CBD biscuits. I cannot thank my veterinarian who recommended your products, and you guys enough. My good boy will be 14 in July.