Health Issues:

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I am sitting here crying because I am so happy for Lucy. Lucy is almost 17. She has been having shaking and stiffness that has been getting so bad that everyday I wake up wondering if she will too. She and her brother Lucky are my babies but Lucky died a few years ago and I wonder if he could have bought a few more years had I known about your product. But back to Lucy. Lucy has been having stiffness in her legs and falling over a lot. On top of that, she shakes a lot and no one can figure out why. Today, my neighbor said to me, “Lucy is running.” I told her, “Yes, this morning, she seemed to want to play tag with me.” What a change!!! She walks better and shakes much, much less, and only falls over when she forgets how her legs work (she does that). She has only been taking Canna Pet for about a week but she has acts like she’s many years younger than she really is. What a change!!! I cannot believe it! I give her one pill in a pill pocket and I give her 2 biscuits; morning and evening. She’s a picky eater and I worried she would not like the treats but she does. I’m so happy she is doing so well. On a side note. Lucy is a bit of a celebrity. She has a book called, “My Dog Lucy” by Jeanette Alfred (on Amazon). I seriously think I should put a little plug in there for your company because I am so grateful and happy that this product is helping her so much!