Lizzie & Tabby

Lizzie & Tabby's Breeds:

Hi Furbaby families! This is Miss Tabby and Miss Lizzie. Tabby the little white girl is 9 yrs and has Epulis tumors in the mouth, Lizzie the love bug is 8 yrs and has severe itching issues. I feed my girls Honest Kitchen base along with meat I prepare daily along with supplements. I work for a chiropractor that is holistic and sells Standard process products.

Ok well we’ve been using the advanced max liquid for 2 months now and I’m happy to report that the tumors in Tabby’s mouth are shrinking and she’s feels si much better acting like a kid again and not so stressful YEA!!! Miss Lizzie has almost stopped scratching and has calmed down which I’m thinking the itching was driving her crazy. I’m Happy to say she’s improved as well. It’s nice to see them getting relief.
I highly recommend this company and product.