Health Issues:
Lily's Breeds:

I’m Lisa from Rhode Island and this is Lily. She’s a 9 year young formerly abused foster-fail that was rescued from a hoarding situation in Tennessee. As great as her life is now, she remains overly reactive. She’s terrified of lightning and fireworks, and has separation anxiety that has caused her to chew through and jump out of a second story window. I’m a pharmacist, and we’ve tried many conventional medications which were either ineffective or had intolerable side effects. Xanax and lorazepam allowed her to relax but made her unable to use her back legs! Canna-pet has been the answer to our prayers. She now can remain calm in formerly stressful situations and actually sits in front of the cupboard where it is stored when she senses an impending storm or hears something that may be fireworks. Thank you!!