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This is Kiara, my little ray of sunshine. She is the best, most happy pup and I was pretty devastated when she started having seizures. I knew I didn’t want to put her on phenobarbital because I had seen the effects that it can have on a pup and I wanted Kiara to not only be siezure-free but also maintain her quality of life. That is where Canna-Pet came in. Canna-Pet works wonders for my little girl. She still has a seizure about once a month, but that is exponentially better than when she is without it. There was one point where I made the mistake of waiting too long to order her capsules and within two days of not taking the Canna-Pet, she was having seizures again. Needless to say, I’m never late ordering it anymore. Thank you, Canna-Pet for helping keep my sweet pup her happy self!