Kevin Bob

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My fur baby; Kevin Bob (ya, cause his real name is Kervil of Beowulf) has just finished his first, but certainly not last bottle of Canna-Pet Advanced Max liquid. Kevin has always been the happiest dog ever, but this hemp has given him a new lease on life. You might wonder, “How can that be?” Kevin is just over 13 years old now. He was born with two clefts in his palate and against all odds, even with three failed surgeries (by the best), he has lived a long life, beyond anyone’s expectations. However, Kevin still has open communication between his mouth and sinus. That means he is always battling infection, and takes antibiotics every day. Without understanding how, I can tell you that “100% beyond a shadow of doubt” this Max has improved his overall health. Each day, Kevin gets 3 drops of Max with breakfast and 3 drops with dinner. I just put the drops on little freeze dried liver bites and he loves them. The decrease in his nasal discharge is amazing! And then there’s this! At 13 years old Kevin had gotten to the point of starting to stumble and fall when we walk (really distressing). After one bottle, Kevin Bob now hops around and runs too. This is a real benefit to his quality of life and makes my heart happy.