Joy Faith

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This is Joy faith she is 9 years old and we live in Los Angeles California. Joy was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was about 3 years old and it was the hardest thing ever, the first thing we heard was to put her to sleep because she would never be a “normal dog” but I couldn’t give up on her, We tried everything to calm down her seizures, she used to get them about 8 times daily, sometimes ever more! And that was when she was taking pills prescribed from doctors! It was unreal! I was really desperate to find something that would help her! She was starting to no longer have energy she didn’t want to eat nor walk. I started thinking that maybe the doctors were right but I had to keep trying. I will forever be grateful that I found Canna-Pet. At first, I was scared to try it and for it to fail like so many other medication did but I had faith that it will work. Now me and my husband still can’t believe that she gets around 3 seizures a month! Sometimes none whatsoever. I seriously couldn’t be happier then to have found something that has helped my baby. Joy is able to live her life as she is supposed to, free of pain and filled with pure happiness.