Health Issues:
Jett's Breeds:

This is Jett out 12 year old German short hair lab mix out boating with the family this summer. A year ago in July he had a malignant anal gland tumor that was removed but his lab work results revealed he has lymphoma. The vet told us he probably wouldn’t make it until October. We were devastated and chose not to do the chemo route, it was then I began scouring the net for other solutions and I came across Canna-pet. He has been taking them for a year now and his vet is amazed. He said “Jett doesn’t know he’s sick yet so let’s just not tell him and keep doing what your doing” he hasn’t lost any weight, he doesn’t appear to be in any pain and still plays fetch. Anyone that meets him thinks hes a healthy happy dog and when we tell them he has lymphoma they don’t believe it. We love Canna pet and plan to keep using it for hopefully another year. Thank you for giving him another year and hopefully more.