Health Issues:
Jakenbert's Breeds:

Since we adopted Jakebert 13 years ago, he’s always been on the shy side, eager to please and somewhat wary. He has always been the “good conscience” of our family (2 cats, 3 dogs and 2 adult humans) and is always super sensitive about everybody’s feelings and will be the first to comfort anybody. Over the years, he’s gotten “shambly”, often falling into pieces when the cats had a fight, one of the humans was yelling at the ref (particularly during Pats games) to the point that we gave up watching football. Vets suggested putting him on Prozac but we didn’t want a “medicated” dog with a zombie-like personality. We heard about Canna Pet and figured – what the heck, why not. It had gotten to the point where he’d squeal every time a car drove by.

Fast forward 2 weeks into his treatment and he’s cool (by his standards). The squealing stopped, he’s more relaxed, able to sleep again and no longer a “nervous nelly”. We can’t thank you enough for giving him back his peace of mind!