Health Issues:
Jake's Breeds:

Jake is a 14 year old Brittany who is living life at the beach in Southern California. Jake had loved to run like the wind and walk for miles when he was younger. As he has matured, Jake has been diagnosed with arthritis, IVVD, and a heart murmur and CHF. Last year he was having increased difficulty walking due to weakness and discomfort and had not run in months. We started giving him Canna-Pet MaxCBD Liquid daily. Within 2 weeks Jake showed a dramatic improvement. He was walking easier, his stride was quicker. Jake even started jogging in short bursts. The joy on his face was obvious. Jake is still enjoying life, just at a slower pace. His heart murmur has improved dramatically and he still does not need cardiac or prescription pain medications. We continue to give him CBD and Jake still breaks out into a brief run every day. It is wonderful to see him so happy to be active.