Health Issues:
Irwin's Breeds:

Irwin had 11 grand mal seizures on Thursday to give you an idea of how severe his seizures are. We received our Canna-Pet package on Saturday and that evening gave him his first dose and treats. He was so relaxed he did not have to be crated inside our home. Normally he is very anxious and nippy, but actually spent the evening laying at our feet. He looked impressed himself. Haha! We continued throughout the weekend with the recommended dosing and up until today Irwin has been seizure free! He had two seizures this morning (before his Canna-Pet dose) and within 35 minutes of his Canna-Pet dose he was able to come out of his crate and was not disoriented at all. Before Canna-Pet Irwin would be out of commission for the rest of the day or for several long hours. He would be very disoriented with very unstable walking and very blurred vision. Like I said, after his two grand mal seizures today he was back to romping around after 35 minutes. He is not full of energy today and probably still feels a bit off but we gave him 2 maple bacon treats and he is snoozing away. It is such a relief to see him so content. Truly a life changing experience to such a profound improvement in his health and well being on it.