Health Issues:

Hendrix will be 11yrs old this March and has had epilepsy since he was a kitten. We’ve had really bad times where I didn’t think he would make it but over the years we have tried different medications and countless visits to the vets. He’s an outside cat so giving him phenobarbitals was challenging as he often had better things to do than come home at a set time for dinner! He was on a very small dose as I often saw him wobble on fences as he lept from garden to garden and this concerned me. After discussing with my vet I made the decision to wean him off the phenobarbitals as they weren’t making any difference just making him dopey which can’t be much fun for an agile feline! My vet was supportive and we agreed to follow up 6 months later. Fast forward 3 years and he’s not been on any medication. Recently I noticed he was having more regular seizures which always come in flurries, so he will have 1-2 fits in a day and then maybe another 1-2 the next day. I didn’t want to go down the normal route of putting him back into aggressive sedatives again and it was then I discovered canna pet and thought I would try it. Fast forward 6 months and Hendrix has had 3 seizures and they were all on seperate occasions and were not very long or in flurries. In fact one of the seizures he was standing up so more a petit than a grand mal seizeure. Canna pet has lessened his fits and he’s not had as many. But the best part is he’s still going out and thriving! Being a supplement means If he misses a dose one day I’m not worrying. I don’t have to get his liver and kidneys checked as when he was on phenobarbitals we had regular blood tests which for Hendrix were very stressful- once they had to sedate him to take blood! I’m not saying canna pet is a miracle drug that has cured his epilepsy this would be untrue for any drug out there as it’s incurabe but it has made a difference to his quality of life and my wellbeing also! Happy cat happy human!