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Gideon's Breeds:

We travel a lot for my husband’s work, so our friend’s frequently housesit or watch Gideon in their home. Our friends would tell us that the first night or two Gideon would hide and cry all night. We felt bad for our friends and of course, Gideon. We decided to look into solutions to make these “scary” situations a bit easer for him. We read some great reviews about Canna-Pet and our vet even recommended it! We gave it a try and have been thrilled with the results. We no longer hear complaints from our friends and Gideon seems so much more relaxed when we come home. We’ve actually started giving it to him before we groom him or cut his nails – this used to be a nightmare in our home. While Gideon still does not enjoy getting groomed…he no longer howls and hides afterwards. He is noticeably more relaxed and we couldn’t be happier.