Health Issues:
Frank's Breeds:

This is Frank. We adopted him in June 2016 from our local shelter to help out with the anxiety of our current dog. He had just been picked up by the shelter, he had a big scar on his side, some cuts on his snout and we could tell he had been on the streets for a while. But, we could also tell he had a home at some point. He knew how to sit, and was fully potty trained. Only a month a half after we got him, I awoke in the middle of the night after our female dog jumped on top of me to wake me up because Frank was having a seizure. It scared the life out of me. I screamed for my husband who had gotten home from working a late shift and was in the other room. We just sat there while he seized, not knowing what to do. Without doing thousands of dollars worth of tests at the vet, he was loosely diagnosed with epilepsy. It is believed that he is part spaniel and King Charles Spaniels have a higher than average chance of being epileptic and getting seizures. He had a seizure a month for the next two months after that and he was put on anti-seizure medication. He became lethargic and wouldn’t eat as a side effect of the meds. In the meantime, my parents’ corgi had a stroke and their veterinarian recommended Canna-pet biscuits. He went from being paralyzed on one side of his body to up and walking around! I took Frank off of the anti-seizure meds and put him on Canna biscuits. He’s gone from one seizure a month to one every five months!!! And they are much milder and shorter. No side effects either. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Our vet is not on board and I am switching as a result. His blood work comes back tip top every time it’s tested, so we know this is the right course of treatment for our Frank. He is the best dog and the biggest love bug. I’d spend every last dollar we have to help him but luckily we don’t have to! We also give the biscuits to our female, Cammie for her anxiety and it has helped tremendously. I’m so thankful for Canna-pet and I recommend it every chance I get.