Health Issues:

Five stars!!! My dog Finn is 4 years old and came from an animal hoarding situation. He’s really socialized with other dogs…and cats (thankfully, because I have two!), and apparently pigs, too, go figure, but not so much with people and anything to do with people. He is very frightened of everything. Our house is the first house he’s ever been in. Floors, stairs, curtains, couches, etc…EVERYTHING scared him! I had some CannaPet left over from another pet, whom has since passed, and thought I should give it a try. Glad I did. Finn has opened up so much! His tail wags all the time, and I’m even able to take him into smaller local pet supply stores. With repeated positive experiences with humans and the use of CannaPet, Finn is really able to develop trust with humans other than “his” people. Oh, I use the Max advanced capsules for large dogs. I cut them in half. A whole one twice a day was too much. I have used the Advanced, but for some reason with one half of a Max twice a day, I’m seeing better results. ❤️Thank you for a GREAT product!