Elvis' Breeds:

Elvis started on 2 capsules a day and was still having seizures at the same frequency. He was then on 3 large capsules a day for 2 years when the frequency of the seizures began to increase. He’s now been on a dose of 1 max capsule in the morning and 1 large capsule in the evening for about 8 months and I am very happy to say that he has been seizure free since then! I can’t thank Canna-pet enough for this product! He went from having a grand mal every 4-6 weeks to a total of 5 in the last 3 years since he began taking your product. Not only did the frequency significantly decrease, the length of the seizures and their severity dramatically decreased as well! Elvis also suffers from Color Dilution Alopecia which we treat weekly with a special shampoo. This condition caused him complete hair loss on his back from his neck to his tail and also thinning hair over his entire body. After 2 months of beginning Canna-pet, his hair began to grow back and has thickened throughout. He now has a normal, soft, beautiful coat! Thanks again!!