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First I can’t express myself enough to Canna Pet how happy my husband and I are, there are no words that can describe the feelings we are having right now, just so many deep and happy tears when we think of how lucky we are to have a friend tell us about Canna Pet a year ago, even though she did not use Canna Pet herself she asked me to check into it. See our child (dog child) Ellie was diagnosed with a tumor a year ago January 2017, she was 7 years old. We decided to remove the tumor with the hopes it would be benign. Well guess what it wasn’t, the results came back as Sarcoma, to make matters worst they told us even with Chemo she would not last 6 months to 1 year. So we made the decision not to put her through all those treatments. We started Canna Pet around February and gave it to her faithfully. This January has been 1 year and our Vet had asked us to have an Ultra Sound on Ellie again, so we were definitely scared but we did. With God, our family and friends on our side knowing what we were going through the results came back unbelievable. First the blood test that was performed on her before the Ultra Sound which was good, then the Ultra Sound was performed, there were no visible signs of any tumors.

We live in the State of Missouri that has not legalized Cannabis, which we were a little worried about having this product sent to us. My husband called Canna-Pet and spoke to one of their representative who was very kind and understanding of why we would be concerned and explained to my husband why he did not have to worry about the product being mailed.

We also notified our Vet that we would be giving Canna Pet to her; she would ask us every time we were in the office if Ellie was still on it. Well, once the diagnosed came back, she again asked us the name of the product. I hope she passes it along to others pet lovers out there that product could be good for their dog/cat as well as it is for our Ellie, I know I will continue to tell others about how well Ellie is doing on Canna Pet.

With all that being said, all I can say is I believe in Canna Pet and thanks to my friend Jenn with all my heart for letting us know about such a good product. Ellie is a blessing to us.