Health Issues:
Duchess' Breeds:

My 6 year old, 55 lb pit bull, Duchess (The Duchess of Love is her full name 🙂 is a rescue. She’s been with me for 4 years now. Because of her history as a breeder – in an environment of mass feeding, being muzzled and raped, constantly kenneled – she has severe dog reactivity, as she was never positively socialized with other dogs. Her reactions very in intensity, depending on whether she’s in the house, car or walks – cars get the strongest reaction. Although I haven’t seen her response on car rides yet, she is calmer and easier to redirect. She less clingy, too She no longer lunges at the door, whimpering and growling when our neighbor dogs pass by our apartment door. She will probably always have some level of reactivity towards dogs, but after 3 weeks of the Canna-Pet max/Advanced hemp caps, we’ve seen a definite improvement in her overall behavior/demeanor. She is an otherwise sweet, gentle, friendly girl. Thank you, Canna-pet!