Doshka's Breeds:

My loving golden retriever was diagnosed with brain tumors January 2017. We knew something was wrong, our vet kept insisting it was old age. We don’t know her age due to her being a rescued street dog from Taiwan. She is the perfect beautiful golden in every way, unfortunately that includes their high incidence of cancers. We had her treated with radiation therapy at UC Davis in February..the only place besides Colarado that could do this specific type of treatment. We live in the Seattle area of Washington state. The tumors were confirmed with a MRI…so as you can tell, we will do anything to help her fight this, stay happy and by our side as long as possible. Quality of life is a crucial aspect for our dogs. We adopt older dogs that have medical problems and do all we can for them since they are less likely to be adopted. The treatments went well. She is doing well but then began to stop following me around and seemed depressed. As we tried to find out if it was brain related or arthritis we were shocked when it was discovered early that she has a bone tumor on her back foot. A hospice vet friend recommended hemp and after research, I ordered Canna-Pet max cookies for her. She is a bit overweight from months of being on prednisone, so I switched to the oil so I could put it directly into her mouth or into her raw cancer diet. After eating she rolls on her back and wiggles with all four feet in the air, a sign she is still enjoying life…I made the mistake of running out of the oil and cookies and after just one day as I waited for the order I noticed her once again becoming quiet and she didn’t roll after dinner for the next two days until after her Canna-Pet order arrived, the next day she was once again back to her self and much happier…I can only contribute this to the hemp oil as we hadn’t changed anything else. She does take gabapentin and tramadol for pain as well. I will never run out again!!! I also give it to my other dogs, one suffers from severe bilateral elbow dysplasia, one from severe back and knee arthritis and one from anxiety. I’m so glad I gave Canna-Pet a try. A vet friend of mine I used to work with saw my Facebook post about canna pet and told me the American veterinary association does not recommend marijuana products for pets, I filled her in on the hemp product and sent her the link to Canna-Pet..she is now considering recommending it to her clients! My girl means the world to me and I’m thankful for Canna-Pet products. Thank you!